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PANN Petascale Artificial Neural Network

PANN is an artificial neural network model of visual cortex that enables petascale simulation of mammalian vision (retina, LGN, and visual cortex ventral pathway V1 -> V2 -> V4 -> IT), using large amounts of image and video data.

PANN uses a biologically-inspired hierarchical feed-forward architecture in the family of Neocognitron/HMAX models (Fukushima [1], Poggio et al.[2])

Figure: PANN model of Visual Cortex. PANN is a model of mammalian visual processing through retina, LGN, and visual cortex ventral pathway (V1 -> V2 -> V4 -> IT). Image classification by frontal cortex is modeled using a conventional machine learning algorithm (e.g., SVM).

Initial results with PANN are available here.


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