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Postdoctoral Fellowships in Synthetic Cognition

We presently have several opportunities for postdoctoral fellowships at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the area of computational models of the human visual system, with the aim of determining and applying the fundamental computational primitives of neural (visual) cognition.

Research will be conducted as part of an interdisciplinary team of computational and experimental neuroscientists, theoretical physicists, applied mathematicians, and high performance computer scientists, working to combine neuroscience data and largest in the world petaflop computing resources at LANL into models with complexity and abilities of the human visual cortex. Candidates should have research experience in one or more of the above areas and have demonstrated the ability to publish in high quality peer-reviewed journals.

Appointments are expected to be made jointly with the Center for Non-Linear Science and the Theoretical, Physics, or Computer and Computational Divisions of LANL. We offer an excellent compensation and benefits package, typically superior to other postdoctoral appointments (see for details).

Exceptional candidates will be considered for the prestigious Oppenheimer and Feynman fellowships (roughly equivalent to a tenure track appointment) and for Director's postdoctoral felllowships. See for details.

Interested candidates should submit a CV, 1-page research proposal and at least three letters of recommendation to Luis Bettencourt (lmbett@lanl.gov), Garrett Kenyon (gkenyon@lanl.gov) or Ilya Nemenman (nemenman@lanl.gov).

Graduate Research Assistants and Summer Research Opportunities

We anticipate several opportunities for graduate and undergraduate research in Synthetic Visual Cognition at the petascale. The positions may be over the summer or on a more extended basis, although students must be registered in a graduate program of a US institution. Research areas are as described above (postdoctoral fellowships).

Additional information can be found at:

GRA: http://www.lanl.gov/education/grad/salary.shtml.

UGS: http://www.lanl.gov/education/undergrad/salary.shtml.

To apply please submit a CV and at least one letters of recommendation to Luis Bettencourt (lmbett@lanl.gov), Garrett Kenyon (gkenyon@lanl.gov) or Ilya Nemenman (nemenman@lanl.gov).